Holiday Manor Co-Op, Inc.



Please Remember:

Enter Park at your Own Risk - there may be glass & other debris still in the grass

10/19/17 Carter Fencing to look at fence and provide estimate (will discuss at Board Mtg Nov 15th)

10/19/17 Driveway Maintenance - Investigate parking lot & streets

10/18/17 Pool heater not working - investigating why - breaker issue? 

10/18/17 New pump & motor installed in Spa 

10/18/17 Three dumpsters delivered for yard waste collection on Thursday 

10/18/17 Health Inspector here early this afternoon to advise how we can open pool with temporary repairs

10/17/17 New dumpster delivered 

10/16/17 Dumpster switch - Dumpster too full. They will not pick up.   

10/12/17 Pool Restoration - Completed

10/12/17 Day Laborers to help ​


At this time, our focus is cleaning up the Park as much as possible and getting the pool reopened as soon as possible.  

The decisions to rebuild after IRMA will be made at the Board meetings, with Shareholders input.


Again, thank you for your patience! 

Clean up Recovery

"It takes a lot of strength and patience for one to invest time and effort in rebuilding ruins. But it's another chance for rebirth." Frank Matobo

​10/11/17 Contacted Collier County to allow expedited process for obtaining permits

10/11/17 Day Laborers to help with yard debris clean up. Update: None available

10/11/17 Roof to be re-tarped. (Tarp destroyed by wind) 

10/10/17 Driveway Maintenance Evaluation. Update: to be rescheduled.

10/9/17 Swap dumpsters

10/9/17 Hitching post truck back in order!

10/6/17 Receive estimate from General Contractor to repair roof truss' (will be discussed at Nov 15th Board Meeting)

10/6/17 Receive estimate from Kelley Roofing for Rec Hall roof (will be discussed at Nov 1st Board Meeting) 

10/4/17 Trees to be removed from front wall. Update: Vendor did not show

​10/3/17 Removal of 4 dumpsters - delivery of 2 dumpsters

10/2/17 Port-a-Potty's to be picked up

10/2/17 Insurance Inspection for Estimation

9/30/17 30 volunteers from Habitat for Humanity: Finishing collecting all debris; tarp any units in need

9/29/17 Trees to be cleared from the front wall - Not completed due to rain - need to reschedule

9/29/17 Dumpsters to be replaced; 2 other dumpsters to be delivered = 4 dumpsters onsite.

9/28/17 Meeting with Director at Habitat to plan for Saturdays events.

9/28/17 Meeting with Insurance Adjuster

9/27/17 Removal & Delivery of 2 dumpsters.

9/26/17 Mosquito spray 10:30 p.m.

9/25/17 Delivery of 2 dumpsters. Collected all styrofoam.

9/25/17 Electrician to assess property for power repair & restoration 

9/22/17 Collier County to start picking up yard waste - 4-6 months out for pick up.

9/21/17 Power restored in Park

9/19/17 Red Cross registered our Park as a disaster area - hot meals & supplies to be delivered

9/16/17 Insurer walked property; began claims process

​9/14/17 Night Security

9/13/17 2 Port-a-Potty's delivered

9/11/17 Dumpsters ordered for the Park - no status on delivery

9/11/17 Up to 5 Laborers hired to clear the streets, pick up & sort debris

9/11/17 Property assessed for damage. Insurers contacted. 



Pulverized dirt delivery to fill holes on property ~ sod delivery soon after

Replace all water boxes

Order new signage

​Anchor Tree to remove stumps on common grounds (Nov or Dec)

Repair or order new flag poles

Repair 2 pot holes in parking lot

New shed for golf cart? 



Lawn mowing, weed wacking, & weed spray

Scheduled Events

NAPLES, FL 34114


-Please DO NOT lean on the fence

-Please DO take a shower from home before going to the Pool 

Thank you to the Volunteers who made this happen!

4/1/18 Pool & maintenance fence to be repaired

​12/6/17 Stump Removal scheduled

​11/30/17 Sod to be delivered for Pine Drive

​11/29/17 Shuffleboard ScoreBoards to be delivered

11/22/17 In about a week's time, stumps are scheduled to be removed. There is a sign-up sheet in the office. 

11/16/17 A port-a-potty will be delivered by the Creek.

11/16/2017 The women's restroom by the pool will be open today!

11/6/17 Dumpster to be delivered to Poinsettia Lane

​11/6/17 Dirt to be delivered - residents may use

11/3/17 Start straightening the signs

11/3/17 Pool heater still on waiting list with Electrician - destroyed wires

11/2/17 C.C. started picking up yard waste along the side of the road 

10/30/17 - ​​​​Collier County to clean up the front ditch in front of the wall along 951. 

10/30/17 Booster Pump for Spa replaced by this date 

10/30/17 Dumpster to be removed. No dumpster scheduled this week. 

10/25/17 Pool heater - electrical issues. Needs to be evaluated - heater under warranty

10/24/17 IN PROGRESS:The women's pool restroom receives a new valve.

10/23/17 Return 3 dumpsters. Swap one out. Will continue to have one dumpster as needed.  

10/20/17 Yard waste collection

​10/20/17 Swap 3 dumpsters

10/20/17 Pool deck refinished

10/19/17 Pool deck pressure washed 

10/19/17 Yard waste collection