As the 2019 Hurricane Season begins please know that the Holiday Manor Co-Op does have a Disaster Plan in place. Earlier this week we had an informational meeting for on-site residents to distribute local shelter information, emergency numbers and general information regarding Holiday Manor's Disaster Plan. In the event of a hurricane the Association will activate the Disaster Plan. There will be designated volunteers to help with community assessment, information and debris removal. The billiard room in the Recreation Hall will become a cooling station during the day. The Recreation Hall is not a shelter and NO ONE will be able to sleep over night in the Recreation Hall. The Association will be responsible to get the debris removed from the road ways for emergency personal to pass safely. Also to work on getting the water, sewer and the power back on as quickly as possible. Once we have the ability to access the Holiday Manor office phone, we will change the voicemail message to an informational message. During the days following a hurricane, we will not be answering the phones, as the priority will be the safety of the park. We will change the voicemail message daily to give updates. The Association will not be going into anyone's home for any reason. It is not the Association's responsibility to check the homes for damage or to secure the property. We recommend you obtain homewatch to check on your home for when you are not here. Anyone designated as a volunteer for the Association will not be available to "check" on your home as the priority will be the Association property. The Association extends it's appreciation to the Disaster Planning Committee for their diligence and guidance with the Disaster Plan. 




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